Claus Møllebro | What I do
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I am a creative concept developer who combines media strategy overview and consumer insights to develope powerfull creative communication platforms with focus on synergy and clever execution.

I have over 20 years in the communication industry as a concept developer /creative director at Bates, Y&R, Leo Burnett ( Denmark / Sweden ), GPY&R ( Australia ), and Adpeople worldwide.

I master all media disciplines and approach brand campaigns and small tactical in-store promotions with enthusiasm and joy. For me, the most important ingredient for a successful campaign is the “idea.” An idea well executed is a story well told.

I have a strong passion for brand building Ideas that can live on all media platforms, and for a long time.

 I work for Agencies and with clients directly. I write, storyboard and direct digital video content. I am driven by a passion for innovation, great customer experiences, and powerfull Ideas.

Do not hesitate to contacct me if you think I can help on any assignment. Big or small…:-)